Friday, February 3, 2012


I promised I was going to be "more myself" this year on my blog- so I want to share how totally nuts I really am. I may hate Valentines- but I LOVE PINK!

this is my BIG PINK HAPPY (the chaise) that I loll on to look through all my ideas for graphics, or just to loll- actually I never loll- but I should try it. And that is 
Zelda my little Shih-Tzu on the pink bean bag- Daisy- my westie is lolling elsewhere.

I have rearranged my studio about five times since I originally posted the pictures of it, so this is just an update and where I will be this weekend working on a bunch of new designs!

Happy Weekend!!


  1. looks like a wonderful place to loll :)

  2. <3 love your chaise, looks like a fun place to loll and dream :)


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