Friday, April 29, 2011

Tornado Victim Help

I guess everyone knows now about all the devastation across the Southeast from the horrible tornados.

It is so overwhelming and sad. I think it is very hard for most of us who are so fortunate, to even imagine losing everything you own. I know a lot of the people in the north section of Birmingham that lost everything, also have no insurance, so they don't even have the means to start to rebuild their lives. To make matters worse, so many businesses were affected, many, many people now have no jobs as well.
I watched the all day news coverage yesterday and there are so many tragic stories that today I couldn't even read the paper without crying. I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like to walk in these people's shoes.

One of my customers has made some t-shirts to help raise money for the Red Cross Neighbors in Need Fund. How do I know that the money will really go to the fund- well she just happens to live near me, although we haven't personally met, we have talked and someone she knows lost their home, their car- EVERYTHING. Here is a picture of her husband in his shirt this morning- he is heading out to the affected area to help.

Here are the shirts and they all link to her shop where you can get a shirt to help
all the unfortunate people in Alabama
I Love Alabama Storm Relief Tee (with verse)
there is also a shirt without the verse- available in adult and children's sizes

She is also working on a shirt for the victims in Georgia that will be up soon

I can promise your contributions WILL go to the Red Cross fund mentioned.

Please keep all the people in Alabama and all the affected areas in your thoughts.
Thanks everyone!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Alabama Tornados

I just want to thank all the wonderful people that have gotten in touch with me about the recent horrible tornado situation here. Thankfully, everyone I know is fine, my son and 2 of my nieces were in Tuscaloosa, but are fine. When it came through Birmingham it was north of where I live, so we were spared. We were at my mother in law's house because we had no power and when it was all over, we went outside and there were parts of people's houses in her yard. People all over Birmingham were finding things from Tuscaloosa (which is about 70 miles away) all over the place. It has been horrible, there are so many people that are dead and so many that have lost everything. Thanks again for all your concern and please keep the people of Alabama in your thoughts and prayers-it will be a long road ahead.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

More Fabulous Things

Several of my customers have sent me more pictures of the creative, wonderful things that they use my graphics for.  Check these out and you can click on any of the pictures to go see more of each one of these talented people's work.

Since tomorrow is Easter, I just feel the need to start with the "peeps"


all of the above using

Great Graphics Bunnies & Chicks


Pirate Onesies



using Great Graphics custom created
high school team spirit papers



whew, okay, I am out of energy for the day!  But lots of beautiful things to come
be sure and become a follower so you can see all the great stuff!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Infringment Ridiculousness

Well, I guess I am glad I started a blog!  Now I have somewhere to vent!  As you will notice in the pictures that I posted the other day, Unique Scrap Designs, did the cutest invitation, using my team spirit papers.  Well, yesterday the CLC (Collegiate Licensing Company) had Etsy take down all my team spirit papers.  Now before I ever put these papers up, I thought I had researched pretty well what you could and couldn't do. Because I make it a practice, not to copy or even imitate other people's art or venture into any sort of "copyright infringement" area.

So, I knew I couldn't use logos, or images of mascots, or anything like that- but guess what...they own WORDS, yes, they own words- according to the guy from the CLC, they own the words LSU, Roll Tide and get this...."tigers".  I call BS on that!!!  I can put any color stripes, polka dots, etc on papers and say "go tigers", but I guess if you use LSU and tigers, maybe not.
Anyway, they made Etsy take down all my team spirit papers and some of Unique Scrap Designs invitations.  So this is a warning- if you have ANY college name in your title, your description or you tags- take it out.  That only makes it easier for them to find you. People will see the items in your shop-but look out...the CLC are greedy bastards and they want all the money for themselves...yeah, look into getting licensed, that is a joke, it is so complicated and so expensive, it's unbelievable. So, I guess more and more "little people" will be shut out of making fun, cute things because of the CLC.

So anyway, I was mad all day yesterday, but I did manage to put together one new set, and I think it is great fun!!!!  I wish it would hurry up and be summer already!  Check out my new

POOL PARTY clipart

click on the picture to go check it out!


And here is another example of my graphics in use

Enclosure Cards from The Paperdoll Stationery
see more on her Facebook Shop, just click the link!

using papers from

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Great Graphics goes blogging

Okay, I admit I have blog-a-phobia. It seems a bit like talking to myself, which I already do enough of without having to type it!  However, since beginning to sell my printable digital graphics in January of this year, I have found out so many things that people use the graphics for, I have been amazed and thought it was time to share some the designs from these brilliant people.

For 7 years I owned a stationery-invitation manufacturing business. I designed and created all the stationery and invitations for my albums that were sold in retail stores across the country. As my business grew, I had less time to design and spent much more time dealing with my customers and in the day to day running of the business. I sold the business a couple of years ago and now have time to do what I really LOVE- designing!

Each week I am going to feature one of my customers and the beautiful things they make with my graphics. Discover how much money you can save using printable digital graphics!!! Generally for around $5 you can get 12- 30 printable sheets of graphics that you can use forever!!!!

Here is a sneak preview of how some of my customers use the graphics
You are gonna love these designers and all their great products!

click on the link to see all the beautiful invitations, onesies, t-shirts, party banners 
and more created by Cutie Patootie!

    Tickled Pink also makes Iphone covers, flip flops, pillowcases and many more
fabulous things with my graphics, click on the link to see more!

see more of these beautiful note cards, just click on the link above!

see more fabulous jewelry that make great Mother's Day gifts,
click on the link above to see more!

see all the wonderful banners, favor boxes and more, click on
the link above to check it out!

see the precious rocking horses, beautiful boxes and much more,
click on the link above to see more of these fabulous things!


see more great kids' invitations, t-shirts, banners and more,
click on the link above!

using Great Graphics Digital Team Spirit Designs

click on the link to more some of the beautiful creations
from Painted by Renee!

using polka dots from Great Graphics Just Dotty and pinks from Bubblegum Backgrounds

Scrapbookers use the graphics for all their scrapbooking backgrounds and pages. What a great way to save money, instead of buying sheets at a craft store that you can use only once, why not buy printable, digital graphics that you can use over and over again!!! What a savings and what fun, because then you can use them for other things too!
People use my graphics in ways I never imagined!!! In the coming weeks I will share tons of ideas, pictures and all of my infinite wisdom of all things graphic! (that would be very limited infinite wisdom)

So there it is, my first baby step in blogging!! I am gathering pictures from my customers and will be back soon with some GREAT stuff!  Stay tuned!

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