Friday, July 29, 2011

More Cool Things

When I first started doing my graphics to sell, I only thought they would be used for invitations and paper goods. As you saw from my post yesterday-that is NOT true.  Here are some more very cool things that my friend Beverly who owns Personal Impressions has made using my graphics.

Tempered Glass Cutting Boards

and then there is this one, which she so "slyly" put my intials on, so I had to buy it, I thought it was so cute. I must say I have really enjoyed using this!

Monogrammed Necklaces


Salt and Pepper Shakers

Koozies for your Cans

Garden Flags

oh yeah, she is a BIG Auburn fan, but has no problem exploiting all us Bama fans!!!

Luggage Tags

or her shop on Etsy

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Is summer almost over??

I can't believe that kids are really getting ready to go back to school. I remember a million years ago when I was in school, we didn't start until after Labor Day, and even my kids, never started school until at least the last week in August. What happened to summer???

In honor of the "end of summer" although it is still blazing hot here in Alabama, here are a few fun summer things that my friend Brandy of TickledPinkNOLA has made using my graphics.

Beach Towels

 well the background is mine!

Flip Flops

Melamine Plates
Shower Curtains

and since it is back to school- Lunch Boxes

and Binders

Check out all of Brandy's wonderful things- and she has tons more, duvet covers, cups, blankets, etc....on her Facebook page on the link at the top of this post- she does amazing work!

NOW, for all of you that have kids that you are getting ready to send back to school, I am going to hold onto summer for you. Since my youngest graduated from college in May, this is my first "summer" with no one going back to school in 23 years...I am going to enjoy summer until after Labor Day this year!!! 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I am a very bad blogger

I confess, I am obviously terrible about doing this. However, in my defense it has been a rather interesting month, with a lot going on.  The only pleasant thing of all that has happened is that I got moved into my new studio- I haven't finished getting it all dolled up yet, because I came down with mono- (one of the unpleasant happenings) so I am pretty much laid up for the next couple of weeks- and yes this should give me some time to work on my blog :)

Before I got sick here is an example of my handiwork-yes, I know it is hilariously tacky, but it was so much fun to make, I haven't had my glue gun out in ages- I had a blast, I wish I could say it was an original idea, but I saw one someone else had made in a magazine somewhere- here is my version of

"The Shoedelier"

the underneath

peacocks, pinks and pearls

my glue gun at work

Yes, a beautiful chandelier destroyed by tackiness. But oh, what fun!  I bought 3 pairs of shoes for $1.99 each at the thrift store, drilled holes in them, decorated them with all manner of feathers, sequins, beads, buttons, ribbon and bows. I printed off some of my graphics and used that for the bottoms of the shoes and the little thing that holds the light- I know this has a name, but it escapes me at the that is my little bit of what's been going on with me.

Tomorrow I will share some of the beautiful things that my customers have been making with my graphics.