Saturday, May 5, 2012

Taking A Break

Stop and smell the peony!

So, everything I was trying to do- blog consistently, sidetracked because I just basically got burned out. I have been working on designs since December 2011 and with over 10,000 different designs created in a little over a year, I guess it was inevitable that I would need a break.

I was in a funk for about a week until I figured out what was going on- I wanted to do something else, I wanted to get my fingers covered in paint, I wanted to do stuff around my house, I wanted most of all to be OFF of the computer for awhile. So this week that is what I did! I stopped to smell the roses- or peony in my case- that beautiful specimen in the picture came right out of my yard!

We all need a break every now and then. No matter how much you love what you do, you need a rest from it. And I LOVE what I do- and I am not good at balancing- I pretty much work all the time, but it doesn't feel like WORK, which is why I can do it so much.  However, things got neglected around my house, things I needed to take care of- so I did and I still am. I am getting rid of stuff, repainting some walls that I decided needed to be lime green instead of taupe- yes, my husband is a very tolerant man. I am going to take pictures when I am finished of the before and after- I promise. I am going to take a little more time this week to work on some things and design some new things too, I am feeling my creative juices coming back. Maybe I will find some balance after all....nah, never in my life- I am ALL in, to whatever I am doing, but I am going to TRY!

And today I got the greatest surprise! One of my customers sent me a link to her blog where she had written all about one of the background sets she bought from me. Here is the link:

She made some incredible designs and if you happen to have a camera- be sure and check out the camera bags on the cheeky lime website...they are awesome! I may be getting one for my sister for her birthday. I might even like one for a purse- they are so cute!

So that's it for me- I am off to eat tacos for dinner in honor of Cinco de Mayo and have a fun night with my sweet husband- who puts up with sooooo much!

Hope you all have a great rest of the weekend- and remember- take some time to smell the peonies!


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