Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

It's that time again-Valentine's Day- UGH. Personally, I really hate Valentine's Day. I was scarred by a boy in the 6th grade and have never liked it since!  Ugly red-headed boy that I THOUGHT was MY boyfriend- and I gave him this ring with an F on it- for Frank- that was his stupid name. (can you feel the hostility-still?)  Anyway, all the boys were giving their girlfriends these dumb rings from Woolworths Department Store. Yes, this was a LONG time ago! 

I thought I would help him out a bit by giving him the ring for Valentines and then he of course could give it right back to me and we would officially be "going together".  WELL, cupid's arrow missed and as soon as I gave it to him, he turned around and gave it to another girl- RIGHT in front of me!  So needless to say, I was devastated- and have never quite gotten over being scorned by him. 

I have never allowed any of my THREE husbands to celebrate this vile "hearty" holiday- I am not much for hearts either- probably because of this. However, in the spirit of the day- I have created some Valentines sets, complete with hearts- for those of you who do celebrate it and enjoy it! 

And be sure and look at the wonderful creations by some of my customers to give you some inspiration. 


Most of these can be used for things other than just Valentine's Day 
(thank goodness!)
all links go to my website, but they are available on my Etsy shop as well.


Now here is some inspiration for you! 

Kate used Great Graphics Dinosaur Clip Art and Backgrounds along with some other graphics to create these fabulous Valentine Cards.


Now this I LOVE!!! My kind of Valentine sentiment


Precious T-Shirt Design by Cutie Patootie Creations

using Great Graphics Heart backgrounds, bow clip art and red ladybug clip art


Valentine Candy Wrapper by Mirti of Pink Sky Printables

Using one of Great Graphics heart backgrounds


So Happy Valentine's Day everybody (except YOU Frank!)

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  1. I feel your pain....Valentine's Day is truly one of the worst for women to suffer through.


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