Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Pinterest is so much fun!

If you haven't heard about Pinterest or already joined- you should. It is really fun and is a great way to promote your shop or anything you do. My sister got me hooked several months ago, and when I say "hooked" I mean it!  Just get ready to spend hours looking around when you join. I think the first day, I spent nearly the entire day going from one person's boards to another. If you need an invite (which you have to have to join), just email me at bethsgreatgraphics@gmail.com
and I will be happy to send you one.

You can make your own boards- basically an online bulletin board of things you like, you can repin from what others have on their boards or when you see something out on the web you like, instead of bookmarking it, you can PIN it- and then it is right there for you to see. I have boards for things I want to do to my house-on my "When I win the lottery" board, great quotes, fashion, crafts, recipes, etc...here are some of my favorite things I have pinned.

on my "Words of Wisdom" board

this is SO true
from my friend Michele's Etsy store

and then there is this- I would so love to have some of these made!

On my "Party On" board

what a cute idea for a birthday party,
and oh yeah, how great would some of my graphics be to make these!!!


on my "Chilling Outside" board

I don't really see this happening, but wouldn't it be fun!!!


from my "Great Things to Buy" board

okay, so I am terrible, but what can I say- I want this!!!


from my "When I Win the Lottery" board

Yeah, then I can buy stuff to fill up this closet!


I also have a "Shameless Self Promotion" board where I put some of my graphics, but Pinterest frowns on using them for only that, so I just sneak some in every now and then. 

Pinterest is great fun, a HUGE time suck, and I have as much time thinking up what I want to say in the captions as I do pinning things. If you haven't already joined, you should- it is the fastest growing site out there- so send me an email if you need an invite- and then I can start pinning some of your stuff!

Thanks again to all of you for making my first year on Etsy so wonderful! Don't forget my website has instant downloads- so you don't have to wait on me if you need your files right away!

gotta go pin some more stuff!!!

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