Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Getting it together!

Well it has been exactly a month since my last blog post, so I am failing miserably so far at my attempt to do better on my blog.  BUT, I haven't been slacking off other things. I have added a ton of new digital papers and clip art to both my website and to my Etsy shop, a bunch of backgrounds that can be used for tons of things and then
these new things...

Like my fabulous NEW Shoe Clip Art!
and my new Under the Sea, seahorses, octopus, starfish and jellyfish set.
And my newest set, just posted this week- Circus, with circus digital clip art and matching digital paper backgrounds!!!

AND, I have been working on my website, I put a little more info about me, I have added a page of Praise- and oh wow, talk about getting the big head, my customers are the BEST!!!  The things people have written in praise of Great Graphics, make me feel like a QUEEN!!!  I am going to try and gets some tutorials added soon, to help people who have photoshop or photoshop elements learn how to do some things, such as changing colors, etc....

So, there you have it....I have blogged, and I have several that I have already planned out, with some fabulous new things that my customers have made and shared with stay tuned....more to come...I promise- and SOON!!!


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