Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Learning Curve

Help me!!! I'm drowning!!!
This is how I have felt for a long time now- any of you who have read this blog, know that I keep "trying" to do better- and keep NOT doing better- well, I was looking around on the web for some help and ran into this FABULOUS gal, Laura Simms.

Yeah, I know...she is disgustingly gorgeous, as well as smart.  She has a great blog, with wonderful videos, full of tremendously helpful information. Last week, she sent out an email asking her blog followers to send her a question you would ask her if you had 30 minutes to sit down and talk to her over coffee.

Well, today she did her blog about MY question- and on not only did I get some GREAT advice...I get a Starbucks gift card too!  My question was all about how overwhelmed I feel trying to tend to my blog and all the social media sites...she has some great tips- and I am going to implement them all! You can watch the video here:

I also bought her ebook, "Roadmap to Action".

And because I do better having something actually WRITTEN down, I printed out all the pages and the calendars that are included in her book. She has a blog calender (obviously-I haven't really used that one yet), and a daily planner, a weekly planner, and a monthly planner, where she helps you set your goals, priorities, strengths, and projects. This book helped me figure out what things were bogging me down and what things I needed to work harder on. It also helped me focus on the my strengths and give myself a little break on my weaknesses. It's a GREAT book and I recommend it to anyone with a business, particularly an online one.

I hope you watch the video, sign up for her blog- it is fantastic and has helped me so much- and maybe some of you can hold my feet the fire to make sure I stay on track on my blog!!!  

I would love to hear your ideas on what drives you nuts about social media and how you handle it.

so first blog post of April....let's see how I do 


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