Friday, August 31, 2012

My Friend Beth is a HIT!

Friends Helping Friends

I am so excited about the first few days after the launch of my new website  Everyone seems to be excited about learning how to do new things, interacting and helping each other. 

One of the new members, after playing with my FREE Photoshop Elements tutorials sent me this email- I couldn't have been happier!

"Can you hear me shouting 'whoohoo'!!!  I wish I could send you hugs thru email cause I sure am sending one to you today.  I just used some of the things I learned from your free PSE video and composed a graphic design project I've been wanting to do for years!  I was able to get the wheel zoom set like you suggested and that was am amazing time saver!  Even though I might not be able to do all the same shortcuts on my PC as you can on your Mac, as long as you give both ways of doing it, I'll be good to go.  I am so grateful for discovering your Etsy site and finding out about your myfriendbeth website, too.  This has opened a new world and I know this will give me the tools I need to build my business - FINALLY!  I can't wait to learn so many other awesome things from your videos.  You are just so entertaining and enlightening!  

I was going to take yet another class with the city arts association next month in hopes of maybe catching on to Photoshop (I've taken their intro class with each new version and never have gained much knowledge).  But I feel you are my new go-to source - so I'm cancelling it. Blessings"

I love that after only ONE day of watching the tutorials, I have already made a difference to someone. I wouldn't have spent the hundreds of hours working on this site, learning to do things like making videos and video screen tutorials, not to mention the nightmare of learning to make a membership website (not for the faint of heart), if I didn't believe that this could be a HUGE help to all the people that want to learn how to use graphics.

And obviously, this wasn't about me making money- if it was then this would be priced in the thousands. Maybe I am a fool, but I did this to free up my time, so I can design or paint or do other things besides spending 5 hours a day answering questions and helping people learn how to use their graphics.  

Most of all I wanted an easy to use, affordable place for people to learn, to have fun, to share and enjoy how fun it can be to create using digital graphics.

Thanks to those that have signed up, thanks for your enthusiasm, your praise and most of all for being one of my new friends!  If you haven't had a chance to look around the site yet- check it out- It's FUN!!! and we would love to have you as a part of My Friend Beth!  click HERE to find out what it is all about! 

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