Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I am a very bad blogger

I confess, I am obviously terrible about doing this. However, in my defense it has been a rather interesting month, with a lot going on.  The only pleasant thing of all that has happened is that I got moved into my new studio- I haven't finished getting it all dolled up yet, because I came down with mono- (one of the unpleasant happenings) so I am pretty much laid up for the next couple of weeks- and yes this should give me some time to work on my blog :)

Before I got sick here is an example of my handiwork-yes, I know it is hilariously tacky, but it was so much fun to make, I haven't had my glue gun out in ages- I had a blast, I wish I could say it was an original idea, but I saw one someone else had made in a magazine somewhere- here is my version of

"The Shoedelier"

the underneath

peacocks, pinks and pearls

my glue gun at work

Yes, a beautiful chandelier destroyed by tackiness. But oh, what fun!  I bought 3 pairs of shoes for $1.99 each at the thrift store, drilled holes in them, decorated them with all manner of feathers, sequins, beads, buttons, ribbon and bows. I printed off some of my graphics and used that for the bottoms of the shoes and the little thing that holds the light- I know this has a name, but it escapes me at the that is my little bit of what's been going on with me.

Tomorrow I will share some of the beautiful things that my customers have been making with my graphics.

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