Thursday, January 5, 2012

I apologize for the repeat posts

and I promised I wouldn't fill your inbox!

I apologize for all the OLD posts you are either getting or will be getting from my blog. I went on yesterday to edit all my posts to remove my ArtFire links, as I am leaving ArtFire and very disappointed in the way they have decided to conduct business recently. I thought I was just saving my changes, but apparently, it is resending all the blog please don't hate me, just delete them all- and don't opt out of getting my blog either- because I have some great plans for some fun stuff this year- part of my New Year's resolution!

Again, I apologize, I am a blog idiot!


  1. wow ... what's going on? Really ? all the promises made in the beginning have not been met it seems.
    Of course things change over time as a site or company grows but the human aspect should not change! Rules are important but should make sense. From what I read there's a few that don't make sense now!
    Good luck with whatever you decide, it's tough enough in this economic climate..we need help in expanding our business, not help in "ending" it !


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