Monday, January 16, 2012

One Year Anniversary

Great Graphics has a birthday!!!

On January 17th last year, on a lark, I posted my first digital graphics on Etsy. I had started looking around in December to find something to do besides be on the computer working on my husband's website all the time. I like to knit- so I thought maybe I will knit some scarves and sell them on Etsy- um NO, too many people sell them too cheaply (just my opinion), so I wasn't going there- and then I stumbled on digital graphics.

Now let me say, I have been doing graphics for YEARS, and here, falling in my lap, could it be??? the perfect job?  I had visions of drawing and painting all day and just posting them up on Etsy and possibly selling a few. Jokingly as I said in my last post I set my goal for 5000 by the end of my first year. This really was a JOKE!

Well in a lot of ways it IS the perfect job for me. I can be at home in my pajamas all day (like today), if I want to- I get to create what I want, when I want- and I hit my 5000 mark BEFORE my first year.  The down side for me is that I am still on the computer most of the day- but hell, I have reconciled myself to that for the most part. I have bought some great new toys, a Wacom Inkling Pen, so I can draw on paper again, and then it goes straight into my computer- a new Mac laptop to partner with my Big Mama Mac.
I used some of the money I made to enclose my garage for my new studio- which is heavenly divine!

Most importantly, I have met- or I should say- have come to know some of the most talented, funny, wonderful people from all over the world!  I have great customers in Australia-and all over Europe, and even some countries I can't pronounce. I have become friends with a bunch of great people here in the states, some I talk to on the phone, some just through email, but I adore you ALL!

Anniversary Sale!!!

So to celebrate my one year anniversary, I am having a sale- Buy One, Get One- you know the drill, buy the ones you want on my website or Etsy store- but DON'T buy the freebies- just email me and use "anniversary sale" for the code word and tell me which ones you want for free. BE sweet and choose freebies that are of equal or lesser value of the ones you bought- hey, I have a new screened porch I want to build this year :)  You may get as many freebies as you want- to match the ones you buy. 

NOW, to make it more interesting- if you buy 10 or more- for every set over 10 you buy- you get TWO free- and I know what some of you are thinking, but believe me, every time I have one of these sales, I have a ton of people that buy more than 10 at a time.  Because this is going to tax my brain- this sale runs for ONLY 24 hours- starting at 12 midnight Central Time tonight until 12 midnight tomorrow night...January 17th only.  Don't be emailing me telling me you have to have your colon cleansed or you just got a manicure and typing is going to mess up your nails- I have given in before and let people buy them a day or two later...but that just seems unfair and could turn into a nightmare one day. So, it's just tomorrow!!!

So, start your shopping- and have fun, I have posted some new sets in the last few days- just remember DO NOT BUY your freebies- because then i will get pissed off because I have to do all those paypal returns, and Etsy returns and I don't even begin to know how to do that on my website, because...well...I don't DO returns :)  

Thank you ALL for making my first year so fun, for helping me learn the ropes, for being supportive, for listening to me scream and rant about some really stupid questions I have gotten, for assuring me when the copycats started copying me, that my stuff was really better, for giving me some fabulous ideas for sets to add, and most of all for always making me look so good with the things you make using the graphics.  You are a bunch of talented people and I am so happy I know you!!!!

If you want your graphics right away- use the website- because they download instantly there-otherwise, if you order before about 8 in the morning, I will be asleep-but during the day I will be around and happy to send as fast as I thanks again for all the support and wonderful friendship!!!

I really do love you guys....


  1. Congratulations Beth!! I just made it to 50 Etsy sales and I was thrilled but you totally just rained on my parade! Well in my defense I'm not a digi designer and have to create something new with ever order!! Many of those orders were enhanced with your graphics and whenever I find myself needing new images, I look for the "big G" first! Keep the good stuff comin! Oh and you are welcome for the new studio, glad I could help out lol!!

  2. Thanks Amanda, I appreciate your contributions to the studio!!! Now help me get that screened porch! LOL I really do appreciate you shopping with me!

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  4. Nice post Beth! So glad I found your shop and you, you're both amazing!

  5. Thanks Michele, you and your shop are amazing too!!!! Love my goodies I just got them today!!! My calendar is FABULOUS!!!

  6. Wow Beth!! You've had a good year! I can't wait to see your new stuff (going to look now since I have insomnia...uuuurgh)! I've enjoyed getting to know you this year and I've loved using your graphics! Here's to 10,000 this year! Wahoo!!


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