Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Great Graphics goes blogging

Okay, I admit I have blog-a-phobia. It seems a bit like talking to myself, which I already do enough of without having to type it!  However, since beginning to sell my printable digital graphics in January of this year, I have found out so many things that people use the graphics for, I have been amazed and thought it was time to share some the designs from these brilliant people.

For 7 years I owned a stationery-invitation manufacturing business. I designed and created all the stationery and invitations for my albums that were sold in retail stores across the country. As my business grew, I had less time to design and spent much more time dealing with my customers and in the day to day running of the business. I sold the business a couple of years ago and now have time to do what I really LOVE- designing!

Each week I am going to feature one of my customers and the beautiful things they make with my graphics. Discover how much money you can save using printable digital graphics!!! Generally for around $5 you can get 12- 30 printable sheets of graphics that you can use forever!!!!

Here is a sneak preview of how some of my customers use the graphics
You are gonna love these designers and all their great products!

click on the link to see all the beautiful invitations, onesies, t-shirts, party banners 
and more created by Cutie Patootie!

    Tickled Pink also makes Iphone covers, flip flops, pillowcases and many more
fabulous things with my graphics, click on the link to see more!

see more of these beautiful note cards, just click on the link above!

see more fabulous jewelry that make great Mother's Day gifts,
click on the link above to see more!

see all the wonderful banners, favor boxes and more, click on
the link above to check it out!

see the precious rocking horses, beautiful boxes and much more,
click on the link above to see more of these fabulous things!


see more great kids' invitations, t-shirts, banners and more,
click on the link above!

using Great Graphics Digital Team Spirit Designs

click on the link to more some of the beautiful creations
from Painted by Renee!

using polka dots from Great Graphics Just Dotty and pinks from Bubblegum Backgrounds

Scrapbookers use the graphics for all their scrapbooking backgrounds and pages. What a great way to save money, instead of buying sheets at a craft store that you can use only once, why not buy printable, digital graphics that you can use over and over again!!! What a savings and what fun, because then you can use them for other things too!
People use my graphics in ways I never imagined!!! In the coming weeks I will share tons of ideas, pictures and all of my infinite wisdom of all things graphic! (that would be very limited infinite wisdom)

So there it is, my first baby step in blogging!! I am gathering pictures from my customers and will be back soon with some GREAT stuff!  Stay tuned!

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  1. AMAZING creations!!! I am always so amazed to see what people can do, and how GREAT to see all the different ways people have been using your digital creations! SO cool. Thanks for featuring my cupcake wrappers! I can't wait to see more.

  2. This is so cute Beth! It is so neat to see all of the different ways that designers use your artwork. I am sure it is amazing for you to see all of your hard work put to great use in so many different ways! Thank you so much for including my LSU invite! I look forward to seeing all of the great designs that your customers come up with! :)


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