Thursday, April 28, 2011

Alabama Tornados

I just want to thank all the wonderful people that have gotten in touch with me about the recent horrible tornado situation here. Thankfully, everyone I know is fine, my son and 2 of my nieces were in Tuscaloosa, but are fine. When it came through Birmingham it was north of where I live, so we were spared. We were at my mother in law's house because we had no power and when it was all over, we went outside and there were parts of people's houses in her yard. People all over Birmingham were finding things from Tuscaloosa (which is about 70 miles away) all over the place. It has been horrible, there are so many people that are dead and so many that have lost everything. Thanks again for all your concern and please keep the people of Alabama in your thoughts and prayers-it will be a long road ahead.

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