Friday, April 22, 2011

Infringment Ridiculousness

Well, I guess I am glad I started a blog!  Now I have somewhere to vent!  As you will notice in the pictures that I posted the other day, Unique Scrap Designs, did the cutest invitation, using my team spirit papers.  Well, yesterday the CLC (Collegiate Licensing Company) had Etsy take down all my team spirit papers.  Now before I ever put these papers up, I thought I had researched pretty well what you could and couldn't do. Because I make it a practice, not to copy or even imitate other people's art or venture into any sort of "copyright infringement" area.

So, I knew I couldn't use logos, or images of mascots, or anything like that- but guess what...they own WORDS, yes, they own words- according to the guy from the CLC, they own the words LSU, Roll Tide and get this...."tigers".  I call BS on that!!!  I can put any color stripes, polka dots, etc on papers and say "go tigers", but I guess if you use LSU and tigers, maybe not.
Anyway, they made Etsy take down all my team spirit papers and some of Unique Scrap Designs invitations.  So this is a warning- if you have ANY college name in your title, your description or you tags- take it out.  That only makes it easier for them to find you. People will see the items in your shop-but look out...the CLC are greedy bastards and they want all the money for themselves...yeah, look into getting licensed, that is a joke, it is so complicated and so expensive, it's unbelievable. So, I guess more and more "little people" will be shut out of making fun, cute things because of the CLC.

So anyway, I was mad all day yesterday, but I did manage to put together one new set, and I think it is great fun!!!!  I wish it would hurry up and be summer already!  Check out my new

POOL PARTY clipart

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And here is another example of my graphics in use

Enclosure Cards from The Paperdoll Stationery
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using papers from


  1. I just read your "vent" (laughing) on infringements. WELL, let me tell you, as they say in the South, I heard that! On my Zazzle, they were contacted to have us remove similar things. One I fought, but didn't win ... only because I love Zazzle and didn't want to fight them since it wasn't their fault; yet, I'll still make a stink over it some day elsewhere (like to the Cleveland Plain Dealer)... : )

    I don't fight to lose, because I only fight when I know I'm right. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY says they own the rights to the words OHIO BUCKEYES. Hello, people from Ohio are called Buckeyes. It's the state thing just like West Virginia Mountaineers, N.C. Tarheels, etc., so to simply say Ohio Buckeyes without saying Ohio State Buckeyes should be fine - NOT.

    A few other good ones make you wish you'd thought to get the copyright such as: a company owns the rights to the words "Who Dat" ... and another owns the rights to "Bad Boy" ! Whoa. I'm thinking I need to get copyrights on several words / terms (Good Dog ... Hello ... yadayada) !

  2. Oh yes, I knew that "Who Dat" was owned by someone, but a friend in New Orleans told me that was going to court. It is amazing what people think they "own"!


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