Saturday, October 22, 2011

Time for a Sale!!!!


 For all my fabulous customers- time to give you a little treat before the holidays start- stock up on all the backgrounds or clip art you want- buy one, get one for free (just remember the free one has to be of equal or lesser value) You can purchase on my website, ArtFire or Etsy- just choose the ones you want to buy- and email me or send in the message to seller which you want for free!  Don't put the freebies in the cart- because then I have to go through all the mess of doing refunds-please, please!  I have some fun new holiday backgrounds and clip art to choose from.  So have fun shopping- thanks again as always for being so supportive and being such great customers!  I will put the links to all three sites below


  1. Has this sale ended?

  2. sale ended in October, sorry- but sign up for the email here and you will know the next time I do a sale!


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