Saturday, October 1, 2011

Great Graphics Halloween Sets

Halloween Clip Art and Halloween Backgrounds

It's been awhile since I have had time to get anything posted, I have been busy working on the Great Graphics website, which is doing great, people seem to love that instant gratification of getting their download link right after their payment is cleared!  Not that I don't REALLY try to send out everyone's files as fast as I can- but the website is better than I am!

I have been working hard on all my holiday graphics. Here are a few of my Halloween sets. I will probably make a few more before Halloween actually gets here, so if anyone has any requests, you know I am always open to suggestions!  All the links below are to my website, but all the sets are available on Etsy as well.

I LOVE this one, I created my own damask pattern out of a pumpkin, cat face, 
witch's hat, bat wings and a ghost.
Here is a better look

Then of course there are ghosts, bats and spider webs!

Do you need some spooky cocktails to entice your guests?
Try these!

For all of you with little monsters- these guys can make a great, fun
and not too scary Halloween invitation or Halloween decorations

If witches are your thing you could try these boots on for size!

A great Halloween party idea is to have everyone over after Trick or Treating for
pizza or hamburgers and hot dogs. So this candy theme set would be a cool start
for a Trick or Treat Halloween Party

Here are some more Halloween Backgrounds for decorations or other
spooky Halloween crafts!

I hope everyone has a very Happy Halloween!!!

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